Layer naming nuisance

Its more of a nuisance than a bug but just in case…

When you hit the + button to create a new layer, name the layer and then click the + button again while the text field is still active, the newly created layer does not automatically activate and select the name field.

To reproduce ( build 5A723):
-create a new file,
-hit + to create a new layer,
-type test
-hit + again to create another layer
This layer now gets a standard sequential number and turns grey, it needs to be clicked to edit instead of being highlighted automatically like the first created layer.

A big thank you to the developers for the amazing effort to make Rhino available for Mac. I finally started serious 3D modeling 6 months ago on Rhino for Mac after trying every other Mac package for years and giving up in days. You’ve given me an extra dimension!

Thanks for the very explicit bug report. The details really help us replicate this rather subtle “papercut”-esque nuisance. I’ve logged this in MR-1648.

A couple things to note…
First, if you hit return/enter after typing “Test” this nuisance goes away.
Second, it doesn’t seem to happen at all after the first time the nuisance shows up…which is a nice clue in fixing it.

Good on you Zobra, I am also experiencing this as a nuisance. You learn to live with these things you know… :wink:


This is not stated enough with all the grumbling done in effort to prod for a better product. There has always been something special about Rhino, and the Mac version just builds on that. Best in the business and you’ve validated such.


Happy to report, at long last, this nuisance:

RH-36928 Sequential layer naming nuisance

is no longer present in Rhino 8 for Mac (currently in Beta).