BUGS – layer menus

Here below two bugs
(and btw, those new white menus for layers are super ugly, not mac-friendly at all. Another big step-back from Rhino 7 for Mac…)

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I could not repeat 1 here no matter how I scale that container, the layer dropdown shows up
Your second video, the color picker looks different here, I can move it around. Yours is missing the Titlebar. Do you also see this if you change a color elsewhere in Rhino?

I do see here that the layer colors are clipped and that this popup stays even when clicking outside of it. I’ll make reports for those 2 issues. (the latter seemed not reproducible)

btw: I see in your Properties panel that it doesn’t read Properties: Object. I have came across that bug only once but could not reproduce it. Can you try if a _Reset (Factory reset) solves this? Please save settings for support and if the reset solves it, can you send it to me in pm?

Hi @Gijs
here it looks kind of different
[I’m ok with it only showing the names… but shouldn’t it also show the colors ?

SystemInfoAkash.txt (5.7 KB)

thanks a lot

The layer popup size does not adapt:
RH-77634 Layer popup does not scale on Mac

Hi @Gijs

Perhaps you know already… ? but looking at the YT it wasn’t immediately clear
the problem in the object properties panel [as far as I can see in a closer look]
is generated by the left aligned titles … if you open the panel wide enough, then there is no clipping of layers names, [unless extra long names]
Because everything get squeezed proportionally if you would move the tittles to be center aligned [and not left aligned ]. then narrowing the panel would be much more reasonably distributed .
Less clipping of the layer dropdown, and less narrowing of other fields .

here below is the tittles were centered, the layer dropdown won’t be clipped [or not that much at least.
this is of course in addition to the need to make that dropdown adjust to it content.

thanks a lot

@Akash yes I agree this can be improved
RH-77644 properties page more efficient use of space

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