Interactive hatch maker in grasshopper to output .PAT file + insulation

Hi All,

I made a script (yes it was waaaay more esoteric and involved than i anticipated) that interactively makes .pat hatch files files and imports them to the rhino document. Yes no more generic hatches! Yes you can set the initial scale! yes all you hatchfans* you may rejoice!

Uses the excellent human and elefront plugins (but doesnt need them to work). Also uses TT toolbox and Pufferfish, which it does need to work. An alternate version below uses only pufferfish. (if I get a chance I’ll put in a workaround with native components).

I plan in some glorious future to convert this to a python script but currently running and gunning to get there so will probably manage that in around 2055.

If you find it useful feel free to tip me a coffee (ko-fi ralphgunsonp) in recognition of the miserable 10 days i spent banging my brain against it so you didn’t have to…

All comments and improvements welcome. suppplied as is as a cluster with zero techsupport beyond the video below. it’s not the prettiest solution but… functional. Hope it helps those who ran into the same weird limitation I did.

(Also as a bonus a mini script which makes insulation according to the archi drawing convention).

If you are one of the strange humans like me that ever wished for this facility, today is a good day.


*do hatchfans exist?

instructions on the video below:

hatch maker instructions (119.8 KB)

version which only uses pufferfish 3.0 (at the cost of some functionality and speed in baking geometry): (117.2 KB)


Wonderful, looking forward to playing with the script this evening!

Thank you Ralph


Got two errors opening the file:
Any chance you could update your TT Toolbox plugin, version 1.9 is 5 years old?
Not sure where the Bounding rectangle component - I can’t find a package called Python - any clues there?

Really appreciate all the hard work.

Hi @benjamin

Looks like it uses more plugins than I confidently said! TT toolbox is clearly one. Bounding rectangle is pufferfish I think but currently away from my comp.

Let me know how you get on.


Thanks Ralph
The script don’t work because i don’t have some plugins
I hope you remove unnecessary components

Hi @anon39580149,

Yes If I have time I’ll remove them, this was something of a hack together! in the meantime you can find them here

TT toolbox





Looks like Pufferfish here too, though I have Pufferfish 3.0 so maybe it’s an old plugin too, like the issue with TT Toolbox.

Grasshopper doesn’t allow you to delete/change components within scripts from plugins not installed - maybe good to check all plugins needed are up to date so we can take the script for a spin, when you have time :pray:

Hi @benjamin

Yes weird backward compatibility issue I’ve had that before. Also the only… partially helpful missing component feature which you can’t delete from a file…

Travelling today, will attempt a fix on the hoof if I can.


Hi @benjamin

here’s a version which uses only pufferfish (also reposted above): (117.2 KB)

let me know if this works for you


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Hi Ralph
I replace some components and vb scripts by python scripts
The grid and pattern scale tool removed, you can add them back.
I also notice that the input curve have duplicated lines which make the hatch also with duplicated lines and make the writing slower.
Please check the file (64.5 KB)


Belated thanks again Ralph - appreciate you sharing the script - we should all do more of this

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Hi All,

I’ve been using this hatchmaker a little lately and made some minor helpful updates. It now accepts points as inputs for dot-base hatches and has a faster, native python bake to layer with colour input and sample hatch. Also you can edit the header text of the .pat file (184.2 KB)

This version still uses some pufferfish plugins (round to decimal place/round to factor - so much faster than math.round in script)

Happy Hatching!


<<edit: minor tweak to bonus insulation maker to give a gap to the curves>>


Really useful plugin. Thank you for sharing and developing @ralph1 !

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