Installing rhino 7 on new windows

My computer crashed so I lost had to reinstall windows. Now All of my programs are gone including rhino 7. Now when I install rhino 7 again, does it give me trouble with my license key?

After reinstalling Windows, have you run Check for Updates?
Is your Windows ready for installing software?

What is the specific trouble with your license?

Hi Caitlin,

It depends on how you were using your license. If it was on the Cloud Zoo you can login on another computer without removing. If you were standalone i would go into your Rhino Account and try and add the Key to your Personal Zoo. If that fails please contact sales to work through removing the validation on the old computer.

You key was on the original receipt or you can login to your Rhino account and see it here

Fortunately, your V7 license is in your login account.

  1. Install V7
  2. Start it
  3. Login