Licence key validation

I recently had to update my system that resulted in a complete erase.
After reinstalling Rhino, when I try to validate the evaluation license, it asks to remove the license from the old system as I hadn’t added it to the cloud zoo and selected “use only on this computer”.
However, since I don’t have that particular version of rhino now that’s impossible.
Is there any way I can remove the license from the older account and use it on the new one?

From what I’ve seen here on the forum this kind of issue needs to be handled by McNeel support.

Sales Phone : (206) 545-7000

If you’re not in North America you should probably first contact your reseller.

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The reseller will have to contact McNeel to fix this anyway, so better to contact the regional McNeel sales office by e-mail directly anyway. will get you there.


Thank you so much! I have emailed them. Hopefully they will get back soon.

Thank you so much for replying. I have sent them an email. Hopefully it works!