I cannot find my Rhino 7 activation key

When I initially downloaded the evaluation version of Rhino 7, I was given a key in order to enter the software. Unfortunately I forgotten to type or write the key down and now I have forgotten it. Am I able to retrieve it? If yes, then how?

Yes, just go back to the Rhino evaluation download page and restart the download. You will get the same key displayed. You don’t actually have to finish downloading. Beware, the 90 day period started on the first download date, even if you didn’t install the software at the time.

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i already installed the software earlier, but i cant find the code even by going to the “licenses” webpage

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Hi -
Your evaluation license is in your Cloud Zoo. You should only need to start Rhino and then log-in with your eMail information.
If you need more help with this, please eMail sales@mcneel.com.

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@wim i prefer to keep the license key too (basically, like being able to have the key so that it is easier for me to refer to any historical transactions, eg when I buy the software license after the 90 days evaluation period)

and also, I would to enquire if there is any 1)book guide and 2)dvd sold by the company

Nothing printed or on disc, but there are the User guide and the Level 1 and 2 training manuals available on the Learn page:

And of course lots of videos…

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alright, thanks.

and an emoji :slight_smile: (or two)