Installing issue

First of all, many thanks to developed this interesting plu-in for Grasshopper.

I’m developing a master thesis research in the field of structural optimization and I think this module will be very useful to face some issue I’m having with traditional FEM.

I have a problem installing the plug-in. The installation is not successful after using the installer. I got this message:

My Rhinoceros version is the following:

Version 5 SR7 64-bit
5.7.31113.14095, 13/11/2013

Windows version:
Microsoft Windows 10
10.0.17134 build 17134

Please, could you help me in some way to install your plug-in?

Yes this is due to your Rhino SR7 version, the installer we use is only working from SR14 onwards, but there is an easy way to overcome this: rename the installerfile with ending .zip, then unzip it. inside the folder you will find the a file .rhp (rhino plugin). Install this one by just drag+drop it into rhino.

Although, i think you need to update Rhino to minimum SR12 to make the plugin work anyway…

Dear Philippe,
i am trying to install the new versione “Kiwi3d_0_3_0” , the previous was succesfully installed.
Now when i am trying to install the TeDaSharp_030 trought the plug-in manager appear this message:
“Version of Rhino the plug-in was built for
does not match the this version of Rhino.
RhinoCommon SDK Version = 5.1.30000.17
Plug-In built for version = 6.16.19190.7001”

My version of rhino is Version 5 SR14 64-bit (5.14.522.8390)
Could you help me?

Many thanks

Kiwi 0.3.0 is unfortunately not backwards compatible to Rhino 5, only Rhino 6. We will have a look at it and see if we can also provide a Kiwi 0.3.1 for Rhino 5.

I am trying to install the newer version of the Kiwi3D, but I could not find the previous one to remove first. Where should I look for?
It is not in roaming\McNeel…\Library
or program files\common files, program files(86)\common files… or even in program files\Rhino

Did you already try to run the installer? Normally, it should replace the old file automatically.
If this is not successful, the plugin should be installed in the folder where you opened the old .rhi file or installed it manually. You can search for Kiwi_0_4_0.

Thanks Anna for your response.
I did, but it was not replaced automatically. So I had both when I was running grasshopper and none of them was working.
I found the folder. It’s name is TeDAsharp (weird!) under common files\McNeel\plugins. I delete it manually and it’s working now

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Good to hear!
Kiwi is based on TeDASharp. You see it also as installed plug-in in the plug-in manager of Rhino. TeDA is the corresponding the Rhino plug-in (blocked in the release version).
By the way, the TeDASharp plug-in in the plug-in manager could also have been used for finding the file on your computer (for future problems).

Hi Anna,

I am using rhino 6 SR13 and grasshopper version 1.0.0007, so I am trying to install kiwi3d and after the installation is done it shows the error that it was built against a newer minor version of the grasshopper SDK. How I can fix this?

Hi Ali -

You can fix that by updating your Rhino 6 installation.
You are running 6.13. The current version is 6.35.