Installing issue

(Simonerutigliano) #1

First of all, many thanks to developed this interesting plu-in for Grasshopper.

I’m developing a master thesis research in the field of structural optimization and I think this module will be very useful to face some issue I’m having with traditional FEM.

I have a problem installing the plug-in. The installation is not successful after using the installer. I got this message:

My Rhinoceros version is the following:

Version 5 SR7 64-bit
5.7.31113.14095, 13/11/2013

Windows version:
Microsoft Windows 10
10.0.17134 build 17134

Please, could you help me in some way to install your plug-in?

(Philipp Längst) #2

Yes this is due to your Rhino SR7 version, the installer we use is only working from SR14 onwards, but there is an easy way to overcome this: rename the installerfile with ending .zip, then unzip it. inside the folder you will find the a file .rhp (rhino plugin). Install this one by just drag+drop it into rhino.

Although, i think you need to update Rhino to minimum SR12 to make the plugin work anyway…