Grasshopper installation problems "this package is not compatible with the rhino installer engine"

I have a latest version of Rhino (Version 5 SR7 64-bit - 5.7.31213.18395,12/13/2013). I have uninstalled and re-installed Rhino a couple of times now and tried to installed grasshopper but without any success. The same error has been consistent throughout. I have tried every possible solution available on the net already, without any rewards yet.

Any help will be much appreciated. David Rutten (from Mcneel) recommended me to post it here for Brian Gillespie to take a look at this. In his words its “this is a weird bug with either the Rhino installer or the rhiexec.exe application”.

Hope this gets resolved soon,



I have the same problem on the latest version of Rhino and Grasshopper. The problem has existed for a while now and I have been unable to update Grasshopper to the latest versions.