Struggling with Kiwi Installation

Hi all,

I’m having troubles getting the Kiwi!3D plug-in installed. I’ve attempted to do it both through the installer and manually. When I use the installer, I get this message:

I’m currently running Rhino Version 7 SR 33.

I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled Rhino several times, including deleting all related folders.
Any thoughts on what else to try?

those questions are always tricky. You should check the location of TeDA-plugin in the plugin manager of rhino and if there is the respective .rhp file available at this location. Another source of error is not unzipping and unblocking the downloaded folder, so not just double-clicking onto the zip-folder but rightclick->unzip. There is also a checkbox in the file properties that can block files from the internet. This checkbox should be checked as well for all files in the unzipped folder. If you check this box before unzipping the folder, every file in the unzipped folder should already be unblocked but control this.

Otherwise, it is hard to tell. It should work for windows and Rhino 7 all releases. Maybe important to mention is that all changes that you make are only effective when you restart Rhino.

Thanks for your help! It turns out the solution was unblocking the zip file before unzipping it (Before I would unzip it and then unblock everything)