Installing Issue

I’ve been having trouble attempting to download Kiwi3d_0_5_0 in Rhino 7.

After downloading, and unzipping the folder, I haven’t been able to navigate what’s next. When attempting to open the .rhi file type, I am prompted with a never-ending “Please wait while the Rhino Installer initializes”. Is this version of kiwi compatible with Rhino 7 / Windows 11?

Version 7 SR16
(7.16.22067.13001, 2022-03-08)

I would really like to be able to utilize this plugin, so any help would be appreciated.


Rhino 7 is usually not a problem but I do not know about Windows 11.

You can also try to install it manually:

  • Rename installer file from .rhi to .zip
  • You may have to unblock the .zip-folder in the file properties.
  • Unzip the file
  • Move the .gha file to your Grasshopper Libraries folder (in Grasshopper Menu: “File” → “Special Folders” → “Components Folder”)
  • Install the .rhp file via the Rhino PlugInManager (in Rhino Menu: “Tools” → “Options” → “Rhino Options” → “Plug-ins” → “Install…”). Important: Do not move the .rhp and the carat.exe to another location after you have installed the plugin in Rhino).


That worked, thank you for your help!