Grasshopper Installation Issues

Hi guys. Sorry for another installation issue but I’m totally stumped. I have an educational version of Rhino 5 (Windows 7, 64 bit). I had Grasshopper installed successfully, then a few days ago Rhino prompted me to update. Now Grasshopper is no longer installed. I tried to reinstall it and it isn’t letting me drag and drop. I tried going through plug-ins manager and it doesn’t recognize the file type. I can’t even open up the .rhi file. It is telling me that I don’t have software to open the file, and when I go through plug-in manager, I don’t even have the option of viewing .rhi files. What’s wrong?

Dwnload Grasshopper -
Double click the .rhi file to install. I also have an educational version of Rhino 5 (Windows 7, 64 bit) and it’s working fine.

it’s doesn’t work. it won’t let me open the file.

I realize this post is old, but just in case you haven’t gotten grasshopper to install you may want to look at this thread on