Installation issue


We’re encountering a problem with Rhino 5. Upon starting up Rhino we’re get a popup displaying below.
How can I fix it?

Line: 1555
Caractere: 2
Erro: Erro de sintaxe
Código: 0

Sounds like you have a startup script enabled and it’s erroring out somewhere…

What version of Rhino are you running? Any non-standard plug-ins?

What do you have in:

Options>General>Command Lists>Run these commands every time Rhino starts


Options>RhinoScript>Script files to load when Rhino starts



It’s a Rhino 5.
I’ve just installed Rhino, there’s no plug-ins…
As soon as I start Rhino the pop-up appears on screen and stop me from doing anything.
So I need to close it by task manager.

First, do you have the latest service release (SR 9)?

Hmm, looking at this again - I wonder if this is the context Help that is enabled automatically on install that is causing a problem with a non-English language. Can you try starting Rhino in SafeMode and see if Rhino starts without the error message?

Edit: I have a possible solution if this is the case.

I can’t access the SafeMode. I believe I’m not at the adm account.
Need to call my support to enter the SafeMode, then I’ll tell you.

Even a normal user should be able to start Rhino in Safe Mode (not Windows):

In Windows 7 or earlier, Start button>All Programs>Rhinoceros 5>Rhinoceros 5 in Safe mode.
In Windows 8, Start screen>Right click near bottom, choose All Apps>Rhinoceros 5>Rhinoceros 5 in safe mode.


Ok Mitch, thank you!
It’s works. Rhino opened on SafeMode normally.
How do you think we can solve the problem?

OK, try this -

  1. Start Rhino in Safe mode. Type CommandHelp and then press Enter at the command line - do this only once!
  2. Now, close Rhino.
  3. Try starting Rhino in normal mode…

If that works, it means there is a problem with the Command help panel it tries to access a web page to auto update (I think) and there is a problem with non-English languages - at least there has been in the past… Running CommandHelp once will shut the panel (I don’t know of any other way if Rhino is frozen).

If the above procedure does not work, then there is something else wrong…


Right Mitch! It worked!!

Thank you very much! It seams you were right about the problem!

Now a new pop-up enters after I shut Rhino out. It says:

Rhino Update Avaliable
A new Rhino has been downloaded and is ready to install

May I install it?

OK, so you were not using the most recent version - yes, definitely install the latest update - should be SR 9.


Thank you again Mitch!
All working fine!