Is the educator License valid on two computers?

I searched. Sorry for the simple question. I’m about to buy the student/education version of Rhino 6.

I have a powerful desktop at home with big monitor and one laptop. Will I be allowed to have Rhino on both computers? I’ll be in the learning phase for a couple years and then will hopefully begin teaching my students Rhino in the future.


Yes, if you put your license in the cloud zoo. You can then use the license on either machine - but not both simultaneously.

Does that mean other people have access to my license or is it still reserved just for me?

Just you. You create a Rhino Account with an e-mail and password and then put your license in the licenses section, only you have access to it, nobody else.

Thank you so much. That’s excellent news. I’ll be focusing on learning so it will be nice to have mobility when I’m not on the desktop at home.

Thanks again.