Install Rhino 5 and 7

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Is it possible to install two licensed Rhino 5 and 7, for a single user on a pc session? No risk of license interference?

I have Rhino7, and trouble with export to Maxwell Studio 5, while it is ok with Rhino5. So I would like to install the two Rhino to adapt my use.

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If you have licenses for both V5 and V7, it is no problem to have them installed on the same computer - the two installations are separate.

One thing you cannot do is have the V5 installed locally on the machine and the V7 installed in your Rhino account/Cloud zoo. For V5 + V7 the only possibilities are both licenses locally installed (fixed to one machine) or both licenses in a LAN (not cloud) Zoo.

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Rhino 7 is a one-licence for my pc, but Rhino 5 is a floating licence with Zoo because my colleagues use it.
So I understand that in this case, I can’t install the 2 Rhino ? :confused:

OK, maybe I made a wrong assumption here. I assumed since you talked about V5 and V7 that the V7 was an upgrade over the V5. If they are both full, independent licenses, then there is no problem, sorry for the misinformation.

As far as I know, you should be able to have your Rhino V5 install use the license in the Zoo, and in parallel you should also be able to install your V7 full license locally. You could also add the V7 license to the same Zoo as the V5 instead if you want to share it.

Ok, Thanks.
It’s a new pc, so a fresh install of a R7 :wink: R5 is on my old pc.

Hey Mitch -
I understand that this is no longer strictly on topic but just a reply to this one:

It shouldn’t be a problem to run a local Rhino 5 license and its updated Rhino 7 license from the Cloud Zoo. When both are used at the same time, they shall both be used on the same PC.

When did this change? That was not what I understood previously.

It’s always been like that. There’s nothing in Rhino 5 that would prevent Rhino 7 from running and Rhino 7 gets a valid license from the CZ. Likewise, Rhino 7 doesn’t prevent Rhino 5 running with a valid license. It’s up to the user to honor the EULA and run both at the same time on the same machine.

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Not what I understood at all about a V5 which has been used to upgrade to a V7. The specific case was that it could allow a user that had one single Rhino license (a V5 upgraded to V7) to be able use it simultaneously on two separate machines - if the V5 was installed fixed on one machine and the V7 in the cloud. Therefore the V5 and its V7 upgrade had to always be installed in the same place - either fixed on one machine or in the LAN Zoo. Since V5 is not supported by the cloud Zoo, the possibility of V5 fixed and V7 cloud was therefore specifically excluded. I had this discussion with several people @ mcneel at the time…

This of course does not apply to adding a full license of V7, just an upgrade from a V5. If that information was always wrong, then I have been misinformed since the beginning. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My recollection is since V5 was the current version it has been possible to have V5 installed on multiple systems using one license though it should only be used on one system at a time.

My recollection is it has always been possible to upgrade from V5 to V6/V7 on the Cloud Zoo. I do recall at least one McNeel employee advocating that the V5 license should no longer valid once it was upgraded to V6/V7 but that position was not adopted.

Until I replaced my desktop I had V5, V6, V7 installed on both my laptop and desktop, with V6 and V7 being upgrades. Currently V5, V6, V7 and V8 are installed on my laptop and V6, V7 and V8 are installed on my desktop. It is my responsibility to not have V5 open on the laptop and V6/V7/V8 open on the desktop.

This is an excerpt from a conversation I had in March of this year with a McNeel support person:


“Finally there are the 3 V5 licenses which have never been upgraded… Those look to be eligible for future upgrades in any case. .However, I seem to recall that you cannot have a previous license installed locally and an upgrade over it in a cloud zoo account. So it might make upgrading those V5’s somewhat difficult if they want to continue using them.”


“That is correct. If the license key is installed locally, the CloudZoo will complain. If they do not need v5 anymore, uninstalling them will work to upgrade to v7 using the Cloud Zoo.”

I just installed V5 on my desktop without any problems. V6, V7 and V8 were already installed and use my license from the Cloud Zoo. This license is an upgrade from the same V5 license I just used, which in turn is an upgrade from a V4 license.

V5 is working properly and the Cloud Zoo for V6/V7/V8 is working properly without complaint on both my desktop and laptop.

The above is my experience, which may differ from theory. :slightly_smiling_face:

My ‘theory’ is only what I was told from McNeel support. I actually have no way to test here, as all of my licenses are NFR’s for resellers, hence no experience upgrading. But I need this info to advise my customers who do. If this is incorrect info, then I am not a happy camper…

Probably rhetorical question: What are McNeel support’s statements regarding based on?

My experience is with a single license on the Cloud Zoo, which originated as a V4 educational license and has been successively upgraded. To install V5 on the new desktop I had to find the V4 and V5 boxes with the license keys.

I’ve read though this thread and I can not figure out what problems you are trying to solve.

The Rhino EULA limits you to running Rhino on one computer at a time.
In V5, we had no mechanism to enforce this and it was badly abused.

As of V6, we do have tools to tighten up EULA compliance, including our Internet based floating license manager; “cloud zoo”.

All licenses and version within an upgrade chain need to be registered/validated to the same email address so we know who you are.

While imperfect, your unique email address is the best identifier we have to work with.

Does this help?

Just the simple question:

  • A Rhino V5 license is installed locally on a machine (with an e-mail address as validation)
  • The user buys a V7 upgrade.
  • The user creates a Rhino account with the same e-mail as above.
  • Will the Rhino account/Cloud Zoo allow the user to enter and validate the V7 upgrade license using the V5 license key (while it is still installed on a machine)?

Yes. That will work fine.
V5 does not support Cloud Zoo licensing.
We will continue to hope the user’s honesty keeps them from running the V5 and V7 on different computers at the same time.

OK, that’s not what I was told unfortunately, I will keep that in mind for future client requests. Thanks.

For V6, we do force it. An upgrade from V6 to V7 requires both licenses to be in the same place. Since V5 does not support Cloud Zoo, there is no way to enforce it through tools.

Hi to all,
Finallly it works well. I have installed R5 et R7 on the same pc without problems.
Thanks for your support :slight_smile: