Download and install both Rhino6 and Rhino5 on a new computer

I upgraded a Windows Rhino5 license to Cloud served Rhino6. I installed it on a computer that already had Rhino5. Now I use Rhino5 only for running RhinoCam 2017. I do not try to run both Rhino5 and Rhino6 at the same time. One license running one copy of Rhino. No problem, right?

I just bought a new computer. I want to download and install Rhino6 and share the cloud served license with my current computer. Of course just one copy of Rhino will be used at a time. No problem right? This what the cloud served license makes possible.

How about downloading and installing Rhino5 on the new computer using the same cloud served Rhino6 license. Ok or no?

should be no problem.

install and license your seat of v5 as you would normally. The v5 license allows you to install and use your license on any machine you own and control just not simultaneously. so install 5 on your new machine and use it one one machine at a time, then install v6 and license it via cloud zoo and simply log in or out of each machine as needed.

Thanks Kyle,

But when I look at my active license list on my Rhino account the Rhino5 license number does not appear- Are you saying just use the Rhino5 license credentials anyway or should I use the Rhino6 credentials?

Hey by the way great video you did on rendering improvements in Rhino6,



Cloud Zoo licensing is only for V6.
Install your V5 license on the new machine as a stand-alone license.
When you install V6 on the new machine, use the Login option to access the V6 license you added previously in the cloud zoo.

Does that make sense?

Thanks John.