Inserted file can not be directed to specific layer

When I insert a file I often have some idea where I want put it into the layer structure as well where to place the contents in my modeling window. But unless I am missing something I always have to dig the inserted layers out and move them after inserting. Plus if the inserted file has something on a layer with an identical name as the target file Rhino assumes I want it put into that target layer, which is often absolutely not the case. I’d like to be able to specify the target layer that the inserted file goes into, preferably with the option to insert everything as one flattened layer or to preserve the layer structure on the inserted file as sublayers under my selected target layer.

Thanks to @John_Brock for suggesting that I look into using Blocks.

Here’s a way to insert a file and maintain layer structure but it seems like way too much messing around to do something that I think should be a simple option when inserting the file.

  1. Start Insert
  2. Under Insert as select Block Instance
  3. Under Block definition type select select Linked
  4. Under Layer Style select Reference

The file will insert maintaining layer structure but as a reference layer. A reference layer can be turned on and off but not be made the active layer.

  1. Select the geometry in the model window and Explode

select instance and explode

  1. Open Block Manager and Delete the block

  1. Open Layer Manager and move the layers where you want them

This is really a lot of messing around to do something that I would like to suggest should be a simple option when inserting

Stage 2

Ideally we would be able to specify the location of the inserted file layers into the layer structure of the target file as well as the target of modeled geometry. We can currently specify Insertion Point, Scale and Rotation but even with the Linked Block exercise I still need to dig the inserted layers out of the bottom and drag them to their proper location.

Simply put when we insert a file we can adjust this:

But not this: