Rhino 6 - Linked 3dm files sublayers problem

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with using file referencing. If I link a rhino file into another file, using “Active” layer mode the layer::sublayer structures are ignored. If I have a structure that looks like this:
Building A::walls
Building A::glass
Building B::walls
Building B::glass
than all elements from “Building B” sublayers are present in “Building A” sublayers. It is huge problem especially when using Make2D with sublayers.

Hi Pawel - I see that, thanks. I’m not sure if it is meant to apply to Inserted files but this should control that I would think:

Apparently it does not.

Hi Pascal,

Thank you for the response. This option works when I copy-paste elements from one file to another. But I think it should work the same way when you are inserting a file as a block with “Embed and link” or “Link” option with “Active” layers structure.