Flaws when deleting an Insert

I’m making use of inserting .3dm or .dwg files as block into a master scene to keep the file size low.

Like so:

Works quite well basically. There are some flaws, however. When deleting the inserted block in the Block Manager:

  • The Layer Panel flickers and refreshes seemingly with every layer that gets deleted. There must be a useless refresh messages sent to the panel.
  • Orphaned layers remain, which cannot be deleted, or purged. However, they disappear after a save/load of the master file.


No showstoppers, but worth fixing I’d say.
Best regards

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Thanks for reporting those, Eugen!

  • Layer Panel flickers: put on the list as RH-57121
  • Orphaned layers remain: we’ve had this one on the list for a while - RH-29498



Very good, thank you!

May I ask if this will find it’s way into Rhino 6, or just R7?

Something else I’d like to bring up regarding linked files:
When updating a linked block in the Block Manager, it should be the user’s decision if the layer visibility from the linked file is respected (and thus is changed in the master file after the update), or if the layer visibility from the master file should remain. Both cases can be desirable.
How could this be implemented? Maybe with a dialog that pops up after clicking ‘update’, or there’s a checkbox next to the ‘Update’ button.

Any opinions?

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Agree, I find it a bit frustrating that if I turn off a linked file mother layer and save Rhino then it is turned back on next time I open it. So layer states should be handled better.

rhino Linked block layers should maintain visibility after update block is my opinion