Insert files as Link can't be moved to an other layer?

I am tying to keep my inserted and linked files (as reference) tidy but when I try to move them into a different layer (say : “Insert File 01” ) it does it once but if I close and open the file again the insert layers pops out again to the bottom of the layers list. Is that a bug ? or is it that you can’t place an inserted file (and all associated layers) into a different layer ?

How are you inserting and linking files?

Are you using Worksession? If so then Worksession always opens with the attached files at the bottom of the layers list.

Hi thanks for responding, and no, not Worksession just simple insert as block instance> Linked > Reference

Hi Jonathan - what happens if you make the layer style ‘active’?


If I set the layers on active then I can move the layers where I want under another layer but it’s a bit messier than having them as reference. I am also surprised that it lets you move it without warning that it will pop out next time you open the file.