Inserting objects

The objects made in another program cant be laid on the intended layer after inserting them in the model. Objects are firmly fixed on the layer, where they were inserted and cant be relocated. After selecting the object, the “Rhino” shows that its on the right layer, but in fact it isnt. When turning the layer off all inserted objects become off, no matter on which layer they are.

sounds like they are implemented into blocks, just a guess of course.
use ExplodeBlock or Explode a couple of times if needed and try again.

But, this already been done. After exploding the block, it becomes separate details. After repeating this step several times detail separates and it becomes impossible to work with it

What does that mean?

maybe something is still grouped or has alien links which are not accessible in rhino,
best would be to post your file and to let us know from which application they came.

Thank you,
exloding the block several times solved the problem