Inference point not working in WIP 7

I must have switched something off right? The same file in 6 & WIP7. Suddenly inferencing to points/objects, etc no longer working in 7 like in 6.

You’re using the term “Inference” and that has no meaning in Rhino.
I can’t tell from your images what the Rhino problem is you’re trying to solve.

When I extrude the selected face in 6, the cursor changes to a sort of -|- , the white tracking line appears and I can select the point as the extent of the extrusion. In 7, the pointer stays as an arrow cursor and I’m unable it infrence or reference a point to align or stop the extrusion and no tracking line appears.

In V6, you have your Gumball settings using Snappy dragging.
In V7, you’re set to smooth.

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sorry but why the default isn’t snappy?

I forgot this is were the tracking/reference/inference comes from. I may have inadvertently switched it with an errant mouse click forced by a cat walking on my desk.

No idea. I do not use the tool.