Duh? Reference a point/snaps?

I’ve been away from Rhino for a couple months. I just sat down to work on a model and when extruding curves, surfaces etc, I cannot reference another point on the model like End, Mid, etc. I have SmartTrack, and Osnap enabled but It doesn’t seem to want to snap to anything? did something change? Did I switch of something? This makes me crazy slow. I’m on R7.

Hello - are the specific osnaps that you are shooting for enabled? What does the OSnap toolbar look like?


They are.

When I do it in Rhino 6 the snapping and point inferences work.

Hello- are you extruding via the gumball or the ExtrudeCrv (etc) commands? If the gumball you need to enable ‘snappy’ dragging in the gumball settings.


That’s it. Snappy dragging. Thanks