Incredibly Slow Saving and Copy Paste Files

Hello All, been a while.

I am having an issue with a work computer. It takes immense amounts of time to copy and paste objects within the window, upwards of 15 minutes in some instances. Is there any way to resolve this? I have the drivers optimized and am running a Quadro, which makes me think this isnt a hardware issue. Do you know of any tactics or strategies to alleviate this sort of pipeline? Yes the file is big, but its not THAT big, its 227 MB. Do you this this could be resolved by clearing the clipboard?


What version of Rhino are you running?

I am running Rhino 7

The CopyToClipboard and Paste commands are file I/O operations. The video card you have will has no impact on this.

When you CopyToClipboard, Rhino writes a temporary .3dm file that contains the objects you selected, to disk. The Paste command essentially imports this temporary file. Thus, what you select (objects with materials, textures, other extra data) and how many you select will dictate how fast or slow the operations perform.

For fun, launch Rhino and make a new file. Create something, a circle for example, and CopyToClipboard and Paste. Is is slow?

If the speed of CopyToClipboard and Paste are a hinder, consider using the plain old Copy command.

Hope this helps.

– Dale

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try comand PURGE. unused materials or legacy materials might be problem.