Copy and Paste Extremely Slow

Working on a large file around 350 MB, for a while, all of a sudden it began taking around 30 seconds to copytotheclipboard. This has severely disrupted my workflow. The problem seemed to begin when I imported some line work (from adobe illustrator) into the file. But I have since deleted those objects and the problem persists. The main issue is that the problem has spread to other rhino files and even new ones that I create. I have also used what seemed to be a fix for others - enabled service release candidate in options, and this did not work.
More context: I have an irresponsible amount of large-medium sized rhino files on my laptop, so maybe it is a storage issue? I dont know/
Any help with this would be great!

Hi Joseph -

There is not very much to go on in your description of the problem. Please start by running the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.

Windows Explorer will tell you how much free space is available on your machine.