Copy Paste Behavior in Rhino 6

I know this has been mentioned before, but I find it hard to believe it still hasn’t been fixed in Rhino 6 SR33. Any copy paste operation tries to copy all the embedded files too, so just copying and pasting a line from a large model to a new rhino window takes at least a minute to complete.

This is really bad for the workflow. I usually work with many windows and do a lot of copy pasting in between. Waiting a minute for every copy and paste is not at all feasible, and it lowers my efficiency so much that I had to come here and create a topic about it. Can something be done about it?

I am aware this is about the embedded images / textures, but does Rhino really need to copy all of them all the time? See the attached command history, where I draw just one line and copy it. All the files that Rhino can’t find are already inside the model and working (not sure why it always tries to find the files in

Here’s a previous bug track link for the issue:

I purged the unused materials and don’t get the errors anymore, but the copy paste time is still the same.

Hello - yes, this is still on the pile as far as I know.