Minimal Surface Kangaroo 2 issues

I would like to create a minimal smooth organic tension volume between two surfaces (mesh). I got the latest version of kangaroo 2 and the batterie are different. I think I’m close from the results I want, but I can’t figure out what is missing to run the solver.

Is anyone can help me?

I would like to create something similar to this

It looks like you don’t have any goals connected to the interior edges of your mesh.
To relax the shape of the mesh you need to apply tension to the interior edges, otherwise you are only affecting the boundary.
Also in your screenshot the input meshes appear to be 2 disconnected flat planes? You need to start from a mesh with the right topology, which you could build by unioning some boxes and removing the unwanted faces, then subdividing.
There are some example files of various tensile structures with Kangaroo2 here (12.6 KB)

…and here’s another simple example for something like that image.
The initial mesh was created using the MeshBox command in Rhino with all side counts set to 1, then booleaning together a few of these and using DeleteMeshFaces to make holes for the openings.