In Rhino 8 the default "Final Quality" render is now set at 1500 samples


In Rhino 8 the default “Final Quality” render is now set at 1500 samples. I believe this is an increase in samples from Rhino 7 [1000 samples]. If so, why please the increase?

[I tried searching the Forum.]

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Final quality has been 1500 samples since 2019.

Raytraced default setting is 1000 samples. Maybe that is what you mixed up?

(proof: Introduce preset settings for render quality. · mcneel/RhinoCycles@7f226ad · GitHub )

Hello Nathan,

Yes mixed up. And simply mistaken. I had taken the “Final Quality” setting for a render with in a view port not an image render. The word “session” escaped my reading / reading comprehension. For Rhino 8 now even I can comprehend because you have kindly programed in the “Quality” dialog drop down the number of samples.

Probably apparent that a rendered image is not a workflow I am at all familiar.

Thank you for the help and clarification. Much appreciated,