Different value in render settings vs render window

Only when you also have checked Override Production Render Quality. Otherwise it uses regular production quality (low, draft, good, final).

When I checked Override it gave me 35 which is my goal for drafts.
I will look at my settings again later.

The default sample counts for low, draft, good and final are 15, 50, 500 and 1500 respectively.

By draft I meant this:

BTW: Can’t find this settings anymore.

Ok, so with draft you meant Raytraced mode.

You can also click on the maximum sample in the HUD to enter a new count


My samples are set to 1000 (see right corner of my imege).
Quick raytraced goes to 35 and Render window to 1500, therefore I was asking what is 1000 responsible for. Notg a big deal, just to be better informed.

There may be old settings lingering around. If you go to Tools > Options > Cycles, press Restore Defaults, restart Rhino, do the numbers still not match?

Hi Piotr -

Your Document Properties > Render > Rhino Render Advanced Settings > Session > Samples setting is set to 1000.

Your Raytraced display mode is set to 35 samples.

You have the Document Properties > Render > Resolution and Quality > Quality set to `Final Quality.

This means that, unless you check Override Production Render Quality checkbox, the default setting of “Final Quality” (i.e. 1500) will be used. When you check that, 1000 will be used.

Hi Wim
Can it be gathered somwhere in one place, better explained?
I have to jump between different panels and settings.

Document properties advanced render settings and Rendering panel advanced render settings should show the same values. Are you on Rhino 7.0 or Rhino 7.1?

Strangely my Rhino is not showing any update available.

Welcome screen is still showing 7.0 BETA

@andrianahilton are you talking about Rhino 7?

Hi Piotr -

There won’t be any updated beta for Rhino 7. You can download an evaluation version if you need to check for updated features.

All the render settings (that is, in this case, the quality and the override) are under Document Properties > Render. The viewport setting is available from the viewport HUD.