BUG: No hatches in Plan/Sectionview

Hello guys,

It just appeared a bug, which I cannot solve. Suddenly after rebootign my Worksession, all Planviews lost their hatches. Styles and partents are still the same, hatches are displayed in 3D section.

Any ideas?

2D Plan

here the properties and stylr properties of an example wall


Hi @user28,

Please, send us the file and we will take a look to it. You can post it here or send it visualarq@asuni.com.

Hi Alfonso,

thanks for the offer. I figured its not only wall hatches, but ALL hatches set by parent. Although set “by style” works.

I think it happened after i updated to the latest version. Another bug is, that my tilted slabs are changing to horizontal after I change anything related to hatches. It is really problematic!

Hi @user28,

I have been checking your file, but if I create a plan view and it shows the hatches, what makes me think that maybe it is a problem with the settings on your plan and section views. Please, could you send me the file with your plans and section views?

As for the slabs, please, could you send a video where you reproduce the problem? So far, I didn’t see any problem with them but maybe I am trying to reproduce it in a different way.

Thanks, I’m gonna send as soon as I have a free moment in office :smiley: