Importing Curves into Solidworks

I have been playing around for a while now. Due to limitations with filleting and drafting tools, I need to move my Rhino model across to Solidworks to apply fillets etc…

Some of the surface cuts are pretty dense in terms of Isocurves, as they are from projected data.

Is there anyway I can pull the curves over into Solidworks too ? So that I can use them as a base guide and redraw them to run extrudes with the draft command ?

Hi Ian - curves come in via IGES format - extract the edges you want in Rhino, and export these via IGES - you can export the surfaces as well at the same time but if it is a solid, you’ll need to stitch it all back up in SW.


Thanks Pascal

So I cant just pull the curves over - I have to extrude a surface from them, and then duplicate the edges of the surfaces in Solidworks ?


No. Pascal wrote that you should probably export curves only - to avoid having to stitch things up in SW.
Extracting the edges was only in case you didn’t have the curves already available in Rhino.

But, wasn’t it so that SW could read 3dm files directly?

Hi Wim - I’ll check but I don’t think curves go across in the 3dm reader they have.
(oops, I’m home goofing off today, I’ll check tomorrow)

Curves are not read from 3dm files.


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Curves will transfer to SolidWorks in IGS and STP formats, so you don’t need to have a solid or surface. In SolidWorks the import options must be set to include point or curve entities.