How to export complicated model to Solidworks?


I’m pretty new with this, but I’ve searched a lot to find a way to export Rhino 3dm file to Solidworks one, and I couldn’t find a solution. Is there a way to export the attached file in something I can use in Solidworks? Export as only a shape will do the job too.

P.S. the model is above 10MB so a Google Drive link for download -

Hi Miroslav- if it is not a mesh object, export as STEP/STP from Rhino (214 flavor might be best but it will work with both).


Unfortunately It seems to be a mesh object… The model is not mine obviously and I wanted to implement it in Solidworks, somehow…

you are hosed then…solidworks has awful mesh integration/ no mesh tools. Best bet is to import it as reference objects and rebuild it from scratch in SW-

Is there a reason you need it in solidworks? What are you trying to do? there are a ton of poly modelers out there that can do just about anything you need from texturing to tooling right off the mesh.

If you don’t have to get to nurbs, then don’t-

Well, I want to build a tube frame for this formula car. It is gonna be a real build, no just a 3D model. To import it as a reference object would do the job, but how to import it ? And yes, there are lots of models, but those I found as the best for the case, and probably the best looking for such a car.

Rhino has an excelent pipe command. Your could build your tube frame in Rhino and export that to SW…

Is there a welding tool in Rhino ?

Can you build a line/curve skeleton of the framing in rhino and import that into SW as a 3D sketch for your weldment?

In what format the tube skeleton should be saved in Rhino in order to import it in SW and make the welding?

Try exporting the Rhino tube centerlines as .igs for import to SW.

If you export tube solids from Rhino to SW try .stp.

To bring your SW created tube frame back into Rhino for fitting to your mesh body, export .stp out of SW.

No offence, but, damn, it’s too hard to draw a curve in 3 dimensions. I need to watch 1 week tutorials to draw a single curve, omg

Draw the profile of the tube frame skeleton then point edit (F10) in plan view to get the right width. Once you’ve got a few items in you can snap to them and it gets much easier.

Heck, it might be easier to draw a polysurface generally like you want then dupedge and draw on surfaces to get the skeleton.

Thinking about it some more, another way is to just do your outer frame in rhino, get it into SW then 3D sketch the rest there parametrically.


Draw the linear sections and planer arc sections first, then fill in the rest. Doing so makes it easier to visualize the remainder, and use tools such as arc blend to join the sections. You need to consider what you can get tubing to do as well.

**…or…**perhaps toss the computer and consider a career in retail. It’s easier… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just kidding. In all seriousness, keep at it. You’ll get it!

If you can imagine how your 3D curve might look from, say the top and side, or whatever 2 viewports would give the best representation, you might try Curve From 2 Views. Quick win!

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I just want to make the outer frame, yes. To get the dimensions and then do the rest of the job in SW. I do the curve but I only succeed to do it in 2 dimensions. When I try to bend it on the 3rd dimension, I can’t or at least I don’t know which tool to use it for this.

Exactly what I was looking for!