Curves to SW

I have some trouble exporting my rhino file to solidworks. It works fine except it won’t export any curves. I need to mirror a few objects in rhino and export them so that I can use their curves in solidworks.

Any idea what to do?

I’ve exported curves to SW via STEP, there was a setting in the Solidworks import options that had to be set to get them(which maybe you also have to enable for Rhino files?)

Where do I find the import options in SW?

Unfortunately you’ll need someone who actually has SW to answer that one…

When I need to send curve data downstream, and don’t quite know what to expect on the other end, I do the following:

  1. Explode any and all polylines.

  2. Convert splines to arcs

  3. Export just the curves to both IGES and DWG, and send both files.

  4. Identify those files by name, i.e., centerlies, curves, etc.

All may not be necessary, but covers a lot of bases.

I figured it out and now it works, thank you for the help!

thats a good tip!
I’ll have that in mind if I run into more problems!

Yea, I forget all the specifics, but had an issue with getting 3D splines to SW a couple SW versions past.

I do recall that 1 and 2 was the solution in that case.