Rhino to solidworks

Hello , I am looking for the best way to transfer files from Rhino 5 to Solidworks .
Do I join up all my surfaces or leave them as individual surfaces ?

Hi Anthony - in general export solids (all joined up) to SW. Use STEP (the most common, I’d say) IGES (Solidworks Solids flavor) or Rhino V4 formats to get to SW.


Thanks Pascal , will the file be editable once in solidworks ?

Hi Anthony - that depends - it will be editable in that you should be able to add features, but it will not automatically have a feature-tree of its own. SWs Feature Recognition tool can establish a feature tree in some cases. I’d always run diagnostics on the import - often there are a few or a lot of things that SW does not like - it does depend on how tightly modeled the thing is in Rhino as well - but SW can often fix the things it does not like from Diagnostics.


Hey Pascal ,I’m thinking like, things to adjust volumes or once a mold is made if we need to make some adjustments since it will be made on the solid works file since I had it off from Rhino. Even things like draft angles.
I am using Rhino to capture the look and direction of the design. Trying to be as tight as possible but have no experience with setting up draft angles . I’m sure that there is a feature in rhino , for instance if I do cavity on my model’s surface, what that radius or angle should be .

Hi Anthony - the most common, I think. approach to using SW and Rhino together is to make the more difficult, styled, swoopy surfaces in Rhino and do the detailing in SW. Here’s a nice clip from Phil Cook at Simply Rhino that gives a good idea how things can work. This does not address your specific questions but it may give you an idea how to proceed.

@Shap3 - looks like the clip did not make it the first time - here it is.

In Rhino, DraftAngleAnalyisis and CurvatureAnalysis set to Max & Min Radius may be of use, judging from your comments.


Was the clip attached?

Jumping in here to say " click on video " should work fine. —Mark

Hi Pascal , I seem to be having a funny thing happening , every time I was to move an object with the Gimball on , when I grab a arrow on the Gimball, it quickly jumps to that position . I can’t seem to drag slowly , but it did at one time .
I must have hit a button somewhere . Is there a present for the Gimball?

Thanks for your help

Hi Anthony - check the GumballSettings and make sure it is set to ‘smooth’ and not ‘snappy’. (SnappyGumball=Off)


Thanks ,

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Okay we get it, no need to spam every thread in the history of Rhino support where anyone ever mentioned Solidworks or Creo.

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