Importing by layers



Sorry to keep spamming you…

I’ve tried the Rhino exporter but it seems to export all geometry as separate objects. The vast majority of my scenes have many, many objects which makes assigning materials a very painful process.

However, if I export as obj I can get my current layer arrangement in Rhino (all nicely arranged by materials) imported into Maverick as one object per layer, which makes life super simple.

Is there any chance we could get an option during export to use the Rhino layer structure/naming as the object structure for the Maverick scene?



@chemaguerra I second this.

@mcvltd Thanks for the export as obj tip.

We have been working on this during the week, as this is a top request. Actually, we have plans to strengthen a lot the whole export/import process, because while functional, a lot of improvement can be made.

In particular, grouping objects by layers will be included in the upcoming Rhino to Maverick plug-in that we will hopefully make available next week.

Some other improvements have been made, such as the ability to export-and-open and export-and-update directly from Rhino.