Exporting .obj by layer, not group


I’m used to exporting .objs to Max from Rhino 4 and layering by materials so that the material application process in Max is as simple and quick as possible. The options in Rhino 4 included Export Layer Names and I would always have Export Object Names off. Since using Rhino 5 there seems to be only one way of exporting .objs to Max and that’s by group name, which creates too many objects and slows down my work tremendously. If I try to export an .obj with Layers as .obj groups the mesh imports into Max completely incorrectly and I have had to resort to exporting first to Rhino 4 then to Max.

Does anyone know of a successful method of exporting by layer names, which works correctly, preferably with texture coordinates?

Please also note that usually my files are far more complex than this one used as an example.

Steps taken:

01 Export from Rhino 5 SR9 with options
02 Preview Mesh
03 Check Mesh by opening saved .obj. NB not saved again once opened
04 Import into Max with objects named by Rhino layer
05 Imported mesh doesn’t match exported mesh
06 Went back to step 3 and saved again with the same options as in step 1, imports perfectly. Why is this necessary? It’s better than saving via Rhino 4, but surely there’s something not quite right here?

I hope Step 6 will help anyone who is having the same issue, but the process isn’t as efficient as it was.

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Hi Barnabino- can you please send me this file? I’d like to reproduce this here. Thanks. Post it here, via private message if it is not public, or to tech@mcneel.com (also confidential)