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Hej All,

I’m using rhino 6 but I’m not to happy about the OBJ export. In Rhino 4 I would get al the layers as one object in max (and named as in rhino). Now I get every object separate and named :“object…”

I tried all the settings like ": layers as object groups etc. But none of them seem to work.

You guys have any idea how I can get the same export as in R4?

Can you post a simple Rhino model (the simpler the better) and an obj file from both V4 and V6 that demonstrate the difference?

I think I may have see this in another post. Or something similar. Are you talking about nested layers in Rhino becoming a single “g” with underbars to separate parent and children layernames (or characters that are not allowed).

Let me know. This is something we could likely hook up in the WIP.


This is the other post I mentioned above.

Looks like that option already is in V7. https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-46452 So if you need merged nested layers or groups, try the WIP. Otherwise post your model and obj files here and I’ll have a look.

Hej Tim,

Yes my problem is similar only thing is I do not use nested layers perse. It’s also the case for single layers.

I’m sorry but it is unclear for me what you mean by WIP.

Attached you see a screenshot from my rhino scene (Block cone and sphere) in different layers.
Also attached an import screen of my Max where is says 3 objects. Normaly in R3 it would say : Block, cone and sphere. And all that would be in one of these layers is merged to one object. Very usefull if you export in materials.

Let me know if you want me to do something.


Hoi Wouter,

The WIP is the Work-In-Progress version of Rhino 7 that you can download here:

You might have tried all possible combinations already but I notice that the help file specifies that to export to 3ds Max, you should use:

  • Export Rhino object names > As OBJ groups
  • Export Rhino layer/group names > Do not export layer or group names


A similar scene exported with these settings from Rhino 6:
Export from Rhino6.zip (7.2 KB)

Does that do anything different in Max?

Just to make sure that Tim gets the information that he asked about, could you please export your scene from Rhino 4 with the settings that produced the correct results in Max?

Hej Wim,

Thanks for the help. Yes I’ve tried every export and this does not seem to work for me too. I get object 1,2 and 3 as an import name.

Attached you’ll find all the exports and settings. Rhino 3ds export problem.zip|attachment (1.3 MB)

Hej Wim and Tim,

I tried the WIP with several exports but none of them work for me… all of them give me 6 objects and objects_1 etc names

Hope I’ve overseen somthing.

Thanks for all the help so far.

Hoi Wouter, could you try attaching that file once more. Looks like the upload did not complete…

Hi Wouter,

One thing that is evident to me is there is a bug in the dialog. If you select Rhino object names to be obj groups (‘g’ in the obj file) then you should not be also able to to choose layer or group names as obj groups. The bottom set of radios should be greyed out if the top set has the middle radio selected. If I follow what you’re saying you want to have the bottom set of radios with the middle checked and the top set with the top radio checked. You don’t want to export object names.

I understand that this probably does not apply to you since you’re not using nested layers. This is the what I was talking about that’s in V7.

If you could try uploading that zip again that would be handy. If I can study the .3dm file and the obj output from the different Rhino versions I’m pretty sure we can figure something out.


Hej Tim,

Attached you’ll find all the files. Rhino 6 and 4, Objec exports and screenshots from Rhino and max.

To be clear: I would like to export OBJ to max where everything in the rhino layer is grouped and named as the layer. I export an entire train and name layers as a material. So : Metal, rubber, ceiling panel, glass etc. When I import in Max I just have to pick a random piece of rubber and the entire layer of rubber is materialized.

This is an export function in R3 R4 but not in R6.

Thanks for all the helpRhino 3ds export problem.zip|attachment (1.3 MB) Rhino 6 OBJ export problem R4.3dm (482.3 KB) Rhino 6 OBJ export problem.3dm (623.4 KB)

Hi Wouter, it looks like that first attachment didn’t get completely uploaded.
The OBJ export from RH4 and RH6 is most important here, so if you could try to upload that once more…

Hej Wim,

Maybe there was an error in the Zip/rar. I cannot upload obj files so I tried a RAR again. (different one)

Hope this one works, let me know

Rhino 3ds export problem.zip (973.5 KB)

Thanks, Wouter! This one works fine.

Sorry it took so long to respond on this. I just now noticed there were updates. It usually emails me but it didn’t this time or I missed it.

I looked at your version 4 file. If you want the exact same “g” and “o” from V6 as what’s in that file use these settings.

I think though you could use the first or last radio on the object name set of radios. Looks like, from your images, that Max ignores the “o”. We sort of knew that but most people want their objects separated so we suggest using object names as the "g"s. Thus the “(use to export to 3dsMax)” on the dialog. In your case I think you’ll always want layers as "g"s. Probably best to always use “Do not export object names” especially if you’re always going to max.

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Hej Tim,

Thanks for the response. This is exactly what I need. It’s still unbelievable that I missed this. I thought I tried every singel combination at least a few times…

Thanks so much you really helped me out and save me tons of time in the future.

Take care!

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Hej Tim,

I’m sorry to say I’m back.

Although the naming is perfect now, the quality of the export is not. Attached you’ll see the difference. I checked different settings in quality but the Rhino 6 keeps giving the extreem bad mesh. Also with different files and parts.

Any idea?

wall pannels R4.3dm (5.4 MB) wall pannels R6.3dm (5.5 MB)

Rhino 3ds export problem.rar (4.8 MB)

Hi Wouter,

I think I need to have more details. If I open any of your files in V6, 3dm or obj, they look fine. By that I mean I’m not seeing anything weird like you show in your V6 image. Anyone watching this thread please try it for yourself and report here if you see anything odd.

Having said that, there is clearly a difference in mesh settings because the obj file saved from V6 is roughly 5 times larger and both files have textures and normals. I did notice in your V6 file that you must have one of the radios selected that writes out the mesh in a special way. Normally, obj files written from Rhino will have the same index number for the vertex, normal and texture. Your normal and texture are the same but your vertex doesn’t match. I don’t think this is a problem, it read in fine for me, but you might make sure you have vertex welding set to unmodified if you want it to be more like the V4 file. Your file looks like you had set to welded.

Since OBJ is old format both versions of Rhino should be able to open any obj file you produce. It would be interesting to know if you see the same ugliness in both versions importing the file exported from V6.

At this point I can’t tell what the problem might be, whether it’s export, import or isolated to your computer. I guess the next step might be to give me pictures of the obj and mesh settings you’re using in the 2 versions to save your files.


As @tim said, the mesh settings are clearly different, however, both files look fine to me:

In 3DS Max:

Hej Dspergel,

Thanks for the check. I fooled around a bit with the import setting from max. Thought I had the answer but cannot find the setting to get a smooth import.

Coul you tell me wich setting you used to get this?