OBJ Export from Rhino, Naming Convention?

I’m a little lost. I used the below settings, and I’m trying to find what the logic is for having correctly named objects when I import into Blender from OBJ.



In my opinion, I don’t think the export window is clear (the description of the possible options). How do I simply get objects that export to take on the layer name they’re from? Because that’s what the option ‘Layers as OBJ groups’ would suggest to me.

what I usually do is to copy layer names to object names and then use the second option (As Obj groups)
you will end up with one object per layer

Hello - here, if I use these ssettings -

it looks like it does what you are asking…


obj_names.obj (5.0 MB)

obj_names.3dm (1.1 MB)

I can’t seem to do it. I would’ve expected with the way the options are worded, objects import into blender with all meshes from a layer (with the name of the layer) as a mesh (OBJ group, which I presume is any number of joined meshes, disjoint or not).

With the above 3dm i have meshes on 4 named layers, exported with those options. Then they import as one mesh which gets the filename as the object name. Layer names don’t seem to feature anywhere.

It was this option, on the import side:


I guess I’m not familiar enough with what the different terminology translates to. In the context of OBJ, how is an object different to a group? (And group in any software specific sense etc.?)

If I import the obj back into Rhino, the objects come into one layer and are named mesh1, mesh2 etc. I do not know how importing works in your target application though…


Yeah the problem was a setting on importing to Blender. Still trying to distinguish between OBJ ‘objects’ and ‘groups’, but this was a positive first step anyway. Thanks Pascal.