Imported toolbars rui.file don't show up

I have this enoying problem when exprting my settings from one computer t anoher. Everything works fine except for my toolbars. They don’t show. I did a normal OptionsImport and also imported the toolbars. Everything works my commands etc. But not my toolbars and their placement in my work environment. If i go to toolbarlayout I can see my imported file but the default is highlighted and not my rui-file. If a make my rui-file active and click ok, next I go into the toolbar layout it is the same thing

After you import an RUI file, are you selecting it and turning on the toolbars you want that are in it?

no. but isn’t there any way to automatically dock them, do I have to do them one by one. And then save them as a new rui?

The location is unique to the computer, so manually, one by one.
Arrange them as you want. Rhino saves the location when you exit.

I think the locations are managed with XML files and unique to the user profile. They are not stored in the RUI file.

great! thanks for the help!