Saving Toolbar configuration

I’m not clear on Toolbar configuration retention across uninstall/reinstalls.

I am reverting to Rhino6.11 (to get rid of the absent-dimension-line issue).

In the past have in the past saved my toolbar configurations as one file. Now Optoins>Toolbars shows me my plug-ins as separate files, plus the one I last loaded (and have certainly changed since then.) Please see the image below and my questions below that:

  1. Can I still save the current UI, all plug-in toolbars included, as one UI file? Or must I save and (import into the new installation) each of these separately.

  2. Where do I select my non-plugin toolbars as currently configured to export them?

  3. The one listed as “RhinoV6updateApr24” must be the one I imported from 5 when first installing 6 in April of last year - if I export and import it will I be resetting things to the way they were back then?

Hello -

You can if you import all the various plug-in toolbars into your current ‘main’ workspace - probably the easiest is to open these toolbars and drag toolbars in to dock, with tabs, in your main one.

e.g. here I have a Flamingo toolbar called Plants from the nXt rui file:


I drag its tab over to dock in the Default.rui row of tabs:


and now it is in my Default.rui


Then save the main rui file.

I am not sure what you mean here…

No. There should be no change.


Thanks Pascal

I mean that you have a default.rui file listed to export. I don’t have such a thing listed, so I’m not sure where my “main” .rui file is. (It must be the one labelled “apr24” but that date doesn’t seem current.)

In your case that is the ‘v6 update’ file. If you want the current default use ToolbarReset and then restart Rhino - since none of your current rui files are called Default, they will not be affected, though they will not necessarily open automatically when you restart Rhino.