Rhino 8 - Importing Toolbar from previous version

I can’t seem to find an option for importing toolbars to Rhino 8.
The only option I find is one for adding a new custom Toolbar.
Did someone manage to do it?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Łukasz -

Does that help?


Thank god I just found this. I doomed Rh8’s new toolbar management for 30mins and was doubting my work life future lol.

Hi Pascal, when I open a rhino6 saved .rui file here, and click ok, nothing happens.

Hey Wouter -

When you “open” a .rui file in the dialog that Pascal showed, you are only linking to that file. You’ll then need to add its toolbar(s) to an existing container or create a new container.
If that’s not what you are running into, can you post that .rui file here?

Hi Wim,

I was just trying to get my custom toolbars from rhino 6 into rhino 8. Since I couldn’t find the tools/toolbar layout menu anymore, I searched online and stumbled upon this post. In rhino 6 I saved the rui file, and I tried to open this in rhino 8 in the options/appearance/toolbars, should this normally work?

After linking the .rui, you will need to go to Window menu>Toolbars (or type Toolbars at the command line), select the .rui from the dropdown and then check the toolbars you want to open. Most of the time when you link an .rui, the toolbars are all closed or all open. Seems random so far.

Thanks I will try that. But is this the way to go if you just want the interface of a new rhino version to look like your previous one? (in the meantime I already created all the custom buttons again, but would be good to know for the future :slight_smile:

It’s a bit complicated right now, things are still being changed and bugs being fixed, this is an ongoing issue.

If you have just a few customizations of buttons/toolbars to redo, I would say yes, the easiest and safest way to do that right now is to re-make those directly in V8 as you did and forget about importing a .rui from V7. All the other elements of the UI - panel arrangements etc. need to be redone in V8 anyway, they are not imported with the .rui.

If one has a lot of customizations to do, given the current state of things today (07.12.23), I would try to hold off another few weeks and lest stuff stabilize more - if at all possible.

Yes no problem, there were indeed other issues with V8, and I rely on it too much to do the switch now (had the same problem with V7, and eventually never switched :D)