Import Vray Proxy tree into Rhino that was created in Sketchup

From sketch up I downloaded a detailed tree and created a Vray proxy. Rendered good!

I then opened Rhino 5 with Vray and imported VMesh file and it loaded ok. But the render has lost the colour

Is it something to do with missing jpeg for leave and bark reference???

Look at the materials in the file, one should be “multimat” and, as a wrapper, contain all the materials used in the V-Ray proxy.
You can edit each individually.

sorry to be thick! where do I look? In sketch up or Rhino?

I presume that something is being lost when creating the proxy in sketchup.

Basically my end result would be to have a proxy tree in rhino.

Yes, that’s it.
You can modify each material there and all the proxies will use your modified version.

ok I still dont get it… Should I be able to use the Vrmesh in Rhino that I created originally in Sketchup? Or am I trying to do the impossible?

Yes why couldn’t you use it? You showed a screen capture of the Vrmesh in Rhino.
You just have to edit each material (three_MultiMat_ID_n) that are called in the contained Three MultiMat.

No I cannot use it.

I see that there are 4 materials for the tree in Sktchup but when I open in Rhino there are 7 ??? None of this makes any sence to me…

I presumed that it would be straight forward process to go from Sketchup to Rhino as I can see hundreds of free trees in sketchup but very few for Rhino…

If you want to have a solution, you’ll have to work a little and debug your problem.
What I would do is edit the 8 materials you have in Rhino so they have simple, easily-identifiable diffuse colors (red, green, blue, etc) and do a render with one tree.
Now you know what each material relates to. Maybe you’ll only see 4 are visible on you three!
Edit the materials so they do what they’re supposed to.

Many thanks Marc for your help. I will give it a try…

So I got there in the end with the help of Marc… Tree free in Sketchup, converted to Vrmesh, imported into Rhino 5. put jpegs in correct diffuse slots in Vray material and then render!

They look great, congratulations!
Are you allowed to share the model?

sure I guess… I download it for free from Google 3D warehouse.

Great, thanks.
…would have been nice to get your all-worked-out model! :wink:

happy to but is there an easy way to pack up ?

a Vrmesh

You’re right that it’s a bit inconvenient, I think there’s no way to group this together in one step.
The materials gets saved in the 3dmbut you have to provide the maps separately.

drop me an email and I will send you the files Marc

take a look at

Marvelous! Thanks!

rfollet… i did exactly what you did and it worked but i dont know how to save it as a proxy to use it in future projects to import it as proxy file… im trying to create a proxy library for rhino but there is not to much what im finding on internet.