Proxy import issue


I wish to plant trees in my scene (a small forest)

So I import a tree downloaded from the internet, texture it and export it as a proxy. To see if it works I delete it and reimport it. At this level, questions come to me:

  • The texture has disappeared

  • the proxy having become a single object, how to re-differentiate the foliage and bark texture?


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Hi Emile,

You should find this thread to be of help.

When you import the proxy you should get this box in VRay under the Geometry tab, here you can reassign the original materials. When you render it’ll show the colors corresponding to the objects, so you know which materials to apply to the dropdown; that way you can work out what is bark and so on.

Alternatively you can use a VRScene for something as large as a forest.

Hope this helps.

thanks Nicholas ! yes its help

It happens to me a little odd: when I change the name of a generic material created by myself, here a tree leaf with its different layers, the material disappears or becomes white, I lose all the layers.

Does anyone know why?