Import text from DWG


Often, when I open/import DWG files into Rhino I have issues with shifted/overlapping text fragments. Changing alignment is not the answer because it helps to remove overlapping only sometimes, and at the same time, it moves texts in the wrong place.

Is there any automatic solution for that or will be at one point? Or this is a thing about DWG’s that always will be problematic?

Same problem on MacOS sometimes. I don’t have a file for you right now…


Rhino text objects have 9 different possibilities for placement - any combination of Left, Center, Right horizontal justification and Top, Middle, Bottom vertical justification. These are all relative to the text insertion point. I’m willing to bet that what doesn’t transfer correctly is the justification information, the other influencing factor could be the type size/font. The insertion points are probably correct.

It looks like the labels in the originals are in fact two different text objects. You might just look at a typical pair of those in the original program and compare size, justification and insertion points to those in Rhino.

Yes, but this would require me to pay for Autocad just to have texts right :slight_smile: In this case, I had pdfs also and there weren’t too many texts.

In the past, I had PDFs from ArchiCAD.
Which imported like this:

But after setting the right text scale issue with overlapping text fragments remained.



The thing is that I can’t have all those programs and I wonder if Rhino could get it correct at import.

Though the first one looks like Rhino doesn’t quite support width factor…

Not sure if Rhino text supports free form transforms.