Problem with text import from dwg-file in Rhino6


It appears that there is a bug in text object import from autocad dwg files in Rhino 6. Imported text is translated downward from the text base line as shown by attached viewport screenshots for import of a dwg drawing by Rhino 5 and Rhino6.2.18065.11031


Rhino 6

Please verify.


Probably a wrong interpretation of the type justification - which is not unexpected, I think - can you post a snippet of the V5 file that exhibits the problem to check?

Attached are both the Rhino5 and Rhino6 model snippets.
R5_Imported Text.3dm (34.8 KB)
R6_Imported Text.3dm (45.5 KB)

Yep - the default justification in v6 is Left, Upper, whereas the “standard” is Left, Lower (as it was in V5).
This is not scheduled to be fixed until 6.4. For now, select the offending text, and in Properties>Text, change the justification to Lower, that should fix it…