Rhino to CAD exporting text issue

Hello All,

I’ve been having this issue with the blocks that has text: (center justified exports as left justified)
in rhino:

DWG export:

does anyone know how to resolve this?


I suspect the AXX and the 8 were placed with the justification center. Looks like the importing program is interpreting it as left. The insertion point is probably conserved, but the text relation to the insertion point isn’t.

Probably need to do some experiments and then adopt a standard way of setting up the justification in Rhino that corresponds with the receiving program.

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I think you’re right. I’ll try to experiment and see if anything works. Thank you!

Tried experimenting but couldn’t get it to work. Does anyone else have any ideas?

Here’s the file
cadexportissue.3dm (71.1 KB)

hi @rteuman I’ve added this issue as RH-81177 Text export turns centered to left aligned