Issue with exporting DWG from Rhino and importing it into Illustrator

Hi there, I’m using Rhino 7 on a Mac and I’m trying to export a document as a DWG. When I import it into Illustrator, I’m noticing a few weird quirks that I’d like to fix.

1: First of all, the lines of text aren’t aligned the same as they were in Rhino. The spacing is wider in Rhino, and it’s a bit more squished in Illustrator.

2: When I view the png logo of the client in Rhino, it has a transparent background. However, it shows up with a brown background in Illustrator.

3: Objects are misaligned after exporting them.

Is there an obvious export option that you can think of that I’m missing? Been messing around with different exporting methods and haven’t been able to solve it.

Below are some screenshots of the differences between the document in Rhino vs Illustrator.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Well, as far as the text alignment goes, maybe. Rhino has nine different possibilities for aligning the text relative to the insertion point - any combination of :

Left-Middle-Right justification
Upper-Centered-Lower vertical alignment

The default is upper left - which is also odd for me, IMO it should be lower left.

I am not sure how Illustrator reads this info from the dwg file and how it handles the insertion point. You might try changing the justification on a sample (try lower left). the type will move in Rhino, so you will need to put it back where you want it. Then re-export as .dwg, import in Illustrator and check.

As far as differences in the the width/spacing/kerning of the fonts between the two, I have no idea.

As far as not getting a transparent background on your picture frame, I’m not sure .dwg supports images with transparency. Or perhaps the Rhino .dwg exporter doesn’t, in any case if I have a transparent picture in Rhino, I export it as .dwg and re-import it into Rhino, the transparency is gone.

Have you tried .PDF export format for going from Rhino to Illustrator?

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Hi there,

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately I’m stuck with the DWG format as it’s what my client requested. Do you have any idea why the text might change when exporting a DWG? I used Futura in Rhino 3dm file and when I open the DWG file exported from Rhino, it shows up as a different font, possibly Myriad Pro. Any advice would be appreciated!


Hmm, on Mac the font situation is not all that clear for me - I’m on a PC. @dan - any idea what might cause this?

No, not off the top of my head. It’s almost as if Illustrator can’t find the correct face name.

@Dylan_Razzell Though I know you need dwg here, it might be worth isolating if the font issue is specific to dwg (or not). Do you get the same issue if you use PDF? (It would be helpful to know this).

Whenever I see the word “Font,” I reflexively reach for this little guide. I doubt broken fonts are an issue here, but doing this is so quick it’s almost always worth eliminating as a possible cause.