Import OBJ Textures Wierd

So when I import OBJ’s that have been output from other software, say Maya or 3ds Max I get odd results. I get some objects that come in with black textures. Even though in the texture menu they look normal and have the same textures as the other objects. I thought this maybe was a direction problem with normals but when I use the ‘dir’ command they show as being correct. Is there something I am missing?

Black sounds like maybe there are no texture coordinates on the objects but that seems unlikely- can you send us one of the OBJ & textures?



It’s for a project, so where do I send to you / Mcneel directly.

Hi Ryan - please send to, to my (Pascal) attention. If the file is very large, zip and upload here



Great thanks Pascal,
I appreciate the insight. File sent.


Hi Ryan - try RebuildMeshNormals on the black objects.


And it was that easy. Thanks Pascal, I feel pretty dumb. I’ve had this problem for 6 months and 20 jobs. Just couldn’t figure it out.

Well, it’s hardly obvious - I guess the only thing that might be dumb is not asking 5-3/4 months ago!


Haha! Yeah that I just realised I spelled weird wrong in the subject!

I’m having a similar issue. But the meshes are showing as blue.

I’ve tried the RebuildMeshNormals and that hasn’t worked.

Any thoughts?

Any chance I could send you some files @pascal? This is on v7 on macOS.


I have some strange things happen from time to time still. Do you need the material that came in with it? If not try applying just a standard material inside Rhino and see if that gets rid of it.
Not sure that will solve your problem depending on what you are trying to do.

Thanks, but it is a 3D lidar scan than has RGB textures which are probably at least half of what’s useful about the scans. So ditching the textures isn’t really an option.

Hello - sure, send files via PM or to with my name someplace in your comments.



So in doing these I’ve discovered that it the issue doesn’t occur with Raytrace viewport option. But is very obvious with Render.

It was in experimenting with how it looked in Blender as a comparison that I discovered this.

Looks OK in blender (and same in rhino raytace):

Notice the bright blue areas in rhino:


Hi Robin - did you send us a file?


Yes I did earlier today

I see it, thanks.
@robinp - on the bits where I see bright blue, the texture map image has that color - can you send me the original texture maps for the obj?



Just sent it.


Hi Robin - the blue bits are in those as well -


Am I looking at the right thing?


There are blue things that were scanned.

There are also areas where rhino is not displaying the textures correctly that show as a single bright blue colour. Please see the screen shot comparison between rhino and blender that I posted earlier.

See these areas for example: