Obj import - texture missing

I have an issue importing an obj model.
The model geometry imports fine, but the texture is missing.
If I export the same model with no vertex color the texture appears.
You can check the model here:

Am I missing something?
Thanks in advance,

Seems to work fine in Rhino 6, here a render with the Raytraced mode

I don’t know what is happening. If I try to render it I get the mesh colors and not the texture.
If I import the same model with no vertex colors it renders fine.
See the two versions. I have a wrong setting somewhere I guess…

I did notice that the material created is an old-style material. I failed to mention that I created a Rhino custom material (in v6) and that I copied the texture and pasted as instance in the custom material. I assigned that to the mesh.

What Rhino version are you using?

Here, Rendered viewport and full (Rhino) render show vertex colors, Raytraced viewport shows the textures. If I clear the vertex colors, it looks correct in all modes.


I’m using Rhino 6.
I checked and with Rhino 5 it works in the rendered viewport.
The mesh has been exported from reality capture.
please find a link to the same model but with no vertex colors.
It renders fine in rendered viewport in rhino 6.