Obj. import bugs in SR 6.16.19190.7001, 7/9/2019

I found import texture bugs when importing an obj. file.
Rhino doesn’t load the texture maps and it doesn’t know the mapping of the object/s.
Version 6 SR16
(6.16.19190.7001, 7/9/2019)

The file and textures are huge the file is at:

After downloading try to load in Rhino and you will get the texture import errors and the mapping issues.
Conversely I loaded this file into 3dsmax 2020 and it loads with all the textures and mapping correctly.
Maybe one for @tim to look at.

hm - got anything a little more manageable that we could test? Are you putting the (800MB!) textures in the same folder as the obj?


Nope you’re gonna have to download. Yes textures are in the same folder.

Hi Roland - Tim looked at this, and it looks like some of the tiff images have embedded color profiles - opening and saving these seems to convert everything to rgb and things work better in Rhino.


Hi Pascal, Tim,
Thanks for taking a look and figuring out what is going wrong. I’ve run into that before but it didn’t occur to me that the color profiles was the culprit yet again.

Don’t you at McNeel consider this a bug? This file imports fine into max. I don’t think we should have to resave textures to get around this for all time. It’s ok for now but feels like an amateurish solution at best. Rhino is the only soft that does this for me. It would be good to have this put on the bug track or get it working properly in the future.

I thought that model was pretty inspiring though a bit on the large size.
Thanks for your help and for downloading.