Import 3D model (.obj) with Textures?


I have been downloading some models from
But all the models I import into Rhino come up without their textures linked…

For example, try this chair, it is supposed to be yellow with a cushion like texture. But it comes up plain and pink inside Rhino.

Here the model: chair.rar (4.6 MB)

What’s up with Rhino not being able to properly import 3D models? I am sure that if I open this in 3ds Max it works…

PD: Please don’t tell me to manually relink the missing textures because some models have +30 objects.

Hello - the mtl file does not point to any of the bitmaps - it needs a line like this, as far as I can see - for each material:

# 3ds Max Wavefront OBJ Exporter v0.97b - (c)2007 guruware
# File Created: 17.06.2014 17:17:59

newmtl wire_141007058
	Ns 32
	d 1
	Tr 0
	Tf 1 1 1
	illum 2
	Ka 0.5529 0.0275 0.2275
	Kd 0.5529 0.0275 0.2275
	Ks 0.3500 0.3500 0.3500
	map_Kd FY.jpg   <<<<<<<<THIS


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Hi Pascal, thanks for looking into this. What should I do?

Here I found another one, are they all not pointing to the bitmaps?

uploads_files_2370777_WEST_ELM_Lila_Upholstered_Dining_Chair.rar (12.0 MB)

Hello- as far as I can see it is the same - there is one material, not two as I’d expect (wood & upholstery) and that material has no bitmap information…


So weird, the files are in place…

And no complaints in the comments…

I guess free models often suck huh? Will have to download each one and try.

yeah - it looks to me like the mtl file is the problem - it does not have anything pointing to the bitmaps needed in the materials.


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Hi @ShynnSup
It’s not unusual for downloaded files to have incomplete mtl-files. Usually you just have to link the textures to the materials - meaning that uv-mapping will be in place, but the textures are not. If you download the program-specific files (for Max, Vray, C4D etc.) the materials usually work, but for general formats like obj they don’t. And it’s not just the free ones - same goes for paid content.

Hi Jakob, thanks for the clarification. It is lazy modelling or a shortcoming of obj and mtl-files? Some scenes have many many objects, I can’t imagine myself paying when I have to spend not less than an hour linking the textures or editing the mtl-files in notepad.

Hi @ShynnSup
No idea, sorry. This is just my experience - having spend hours re-texturing models for Keyshot renderings. It’s not the case for all models/vendors, but it is a PIA!

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